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2022Poly(ether sulfone)-based ultrafiltration membranes using chitosan/ammonium chloride to enhance permeability and antifouling propertiesFitri Khoerunnisa, Marthini Sihombing, Mita Nurhayati, Fitri Dara, Hari Agung Triadi, Muhamad Nasir, Hendrawan Hendrawan, Amelinda Pratiwi, Eng-Poh Ng & Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2021A smart magnetically separable MIL-53(Al) MOF-coated nano-adsorbent for antibiotic pollutant removal with rapid and non-contact inductive heat regenerationThilina R. Katugampalage, Chalita Ratanatawanate, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Chariya Kaewsaneha, PaiboonSreearunothaiRead
2021Smart gating porous particles as new carriers for drug deliveryKamonchanok Thananukul, Chariya Kaewsaneha, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Noureddine Lebaz, Abdelhamid Errachid, Abdelhamid ElaissariRead
2021Property Enhancement of Polylactide Monofilaments by Cold-Drawing Process and Solvent InfusionJirawan Jindakaew, Chalita Ratanatawanate, Takeshi Kikutani, and Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2021Quantitative analyses of products from chemical recycling of polylactide (PLA) by alcoholysis with various alcohols and their applications as healable lactide-based polyurethanesBunthoeun Nim, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2020Electrospun Nanofibers with Superhydrophobicity Derived from Degradable Polylactide for Oil/Water Separation ApplicationsChorney Eang, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2020Dynamic broadening alters triplet extinction coefficients in fluorene oligomers and polymersAndrew R Cook, Anthony Girimonti, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  John R. MillerRead
2020Fabrication of activated carbon pouch cell supercapacitor: Effects of calendering and selection of separator-solvent combinationGladis Aros Safitri, Khanin Nueangnoraj, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  Jedsada ManyamRead
2020Osmotic-Tension-Induced Membrane Lateral OrganizationNichaporn WongsirojkulNaofumi Shimokawa Pakorn Opaprakasit, Tsutomu HamadaRead
2019Synthesis and quantitative analyses of acrylamide-grafted poly (lactide-co-glycidyl methacrylate) amphiphilic copolymers for environmental and biomedical applicationsMijanur Rahman, Kamonchanok Thananukul, Wilairat Supmak, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2019Insight into the Ultrasonication of Graphene Oxide with Strong Changes in Its Properties and Performance for Adsorption ApplicationsGiang T.T.L, Narong Chanlek, Jedsada Manyam,  Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
20191,2,3-triazole functionalized polystyrene and perdeuterated polystyrene chelating latexesHadjira Lahmar, Ibrahim Badr, Chariya Kaewsaneha,  Salima Sa|[iuml]|di-BesbesRead
2019Multistimuli-responsive magnetic assembliesAbdulhadi Baykal, Ayhan Bozkurt,  Ravindran Jeremy, Abdelhamid ElaissariRead
2019Fabrication of Functional Hollow Magnetic Polymeric Nanoparticles with Controllable Magnetic LocationWaraporn Wichaita, Duangporn Polpanich, Chariya Kaewsaneha,  Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2019Magnetic-responsive polysaccharide-inorganic composite materials for cancer therapeuticsMunther Alomari, Dana Almohazey, Sarah Ameen Almofty,  Abdelhamid ElaissariRead
2018PMMA Particles Coated with Chitosan-Silver Nanoparticles as a Dual Antibacterial Modifier for Natural Rubber Latex FilmsTeeraporn Suteewong, Jitrada Wongpreecha,  Duangporn Polpanich, Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2018Preparation and Properties of Electrospun Fibers of Titanium Dioxide-Loaded Polylactide/Polyvinylpyrrolidone BlendsBunthoeun Nim, Paiboon Sreearunothai, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  A. PetchsukRead
2018Synthesis of Polystyrene/Hydrophobic SiO 2 Composite Particles via Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsion Polymerization: Synthesis of Polystyrene/Hydrophobic SiO2 Composite Particles via Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsion PolymerizationEslam ElkallaChariya KaewsanehaAbdelhamid ElaissariRead
2018Probing mechanisms for microbial extracellular electron transfer (EET) using electrochemical and microscopic characterisationsPruetsaji Winaikij, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  Korakot SombatmankhongRead
2018Divergent mechanisms for thermal reduction of graphene oxide and their highly different ion affinitiesGiang T.T.L, Jedsada Manyam, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2018Seawater Ions Effect on the Adsorption of Cesium by Reduced Graphene Oxide Using Fractional Factorial DesignGiang T.T.L, Nurak Grisdanurak, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2018Magnetic and pH-responsive magnetic nanocarriersYassine SlimaniMuhammad NawazIsmail Ercan[...] Abdelhamid ElaissariRead
2018Electrodeposition of MnO 2 on polypyrrole-coated stainless steel to enhance electrochemical activities in microbial fuel cellsSirirat Phonsa, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  Sumittra Charojrochkul, Korakot SombatmankhongRead
2018Preparation and properties of polylactide bio-composites with surface-modified silica particlesNarisara Jaikaew, A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2018Preparation of crosslinked poly(Lactic acid-co-glycidyl methacrylate) microspheres by phase inversion emulsificationKamonchanok Thananukul, A. Petchsuk, W. Supmak,  Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2018Preparation of TiO2-loaded electrospun fibers of polylactide/poly(vinylpyrrolidone) blends for use as catalysts in epoxidation of unsaturated oilsButhoeun Nim, Paiboon Sreearunothai, A. Petchsuk,  Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2018Characterizations of modified cassava starch with long chain fatty acid chlorides obtained from esterification under low reaction temperature and its PLA blendingWadeelada Thitisomboon, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Narisara Jaikaew,  Siwarutt BoonyarattanakalinRead
2018Development of ammonia gas sensor based on Ni-doped reduce graphene oxideThanva Tubthong, Anurat Wisitsoraat,  Chookiat Tansarawiput, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2017Effects of UV/Photo-Initiator Treatments on Enhancement of Crystallinity of Polylactide Films and Their Physicochemical PropertiesMijanur Rahman, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2017Development and Characterization of Photoinduced Acrylamide-Grafted Polylactide Films for Biomedical ApplicationsMijanur Rahman, Paiboon Sreearunothai, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2017Chain Length Dependence of Energies of Electron and Triplet Polarons in OligofluorenesHung Cheng Chen, Paiboon Sreearunothai, Andrew R Cook,  John R. MillerRead
2017Quantitative Analysis of Polyacrylamide Grafted on Polylactide Film Surfaces Employing Spectroscopic TechniquesMijanur RahmanPakorn OpaprakasitRead
2017Effective removal of cesium by pristine graphene oxide: Performance, characterizations and mechanismsPatcharanat Kaewmee, Jedsada Manyam,  Pakorn Opaprakasit, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2017Curable precursors derived from chemical recycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) and polylactic acid and physical properties of their thermosetting (co)polyestersO. Torpanyacharn, P. Sukpuang,  A. Petchsuk, M. OpaprakasitRead
2017Slow Release of Menthol Using Sorbents Developed from Microwave Graphene OxideNeungruthai TippoJedsada ManyamBoonyawan Yoosuk[...] Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2016UV-assisted synthesis of poly(L-lactide-co-glycidyl methacrylate-graft-acrylamide) for use in biomedical and environmental applicationsMijanur Rahman, A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2016Visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production using Cu-doped SrTiO 3Kristine Tolod, Cyril Jose Escopete Bajamundi, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  Rizalinda de Leon, Nurak GrisdanurakRead
2015Preparation of Surface-Modified Silica Particles from Rice Husk Ash and Its Composites with Degradable Polylactic AcidPakorn Opaprakasit, Siriporn Boonpa,  Narisara Jaikaew, Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2014[6]-Gingerol-loaded cellulose acetate electrospun fibers as a topical carrier for controlled releaseThanaporn Chantarodsakun, Thammasit Vongsetskul,  Kulachart Jangpatarapongsa, Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2014Polylactic acid glycolysate as a cross-linker for epoxidized natural rubber: Effect of cross-linker molecular weightPhrutsadee Sukpuang, Mantana Opaprakasit,  A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2014Toughness Enhancement of Polylactic Acid by Employing Glycolyzed Polylactic Acid-Cured Epoxidized Natural RubberPhrutsadee Sukpuang, Mantana Opaprakasit,  A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2014Miscibility and Hydrolytic Degradability of Polylactic acid/Poly (ethylene terephthalate-co-lactic acid) BlendsP. Sriromreun, A. Petchsuk, Mantana Opaprakasit,  Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2014Electrospinning of poly(l-lactide-co-dl-lactide) copolymers: Effect of chemical structures and spinning conditionsChakrit Thammawong, Sutawan Buchatip, A. Petchsuk,  Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2014Hollow latex particles functionalized with chitosan for the removal of formaldehyde from indoor airSukanya Nuasaen, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2013Value Adding of Skim Natural Rubber By Grafting With Maleic AnhydrideSudarat Somboonchai, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Cattaleeya PattamapromRead
2013Curable polyester precursors from polylactic acid glycolyzed productsJ. Tounthai, A. Petchsuk, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  M. OpaprakasitRead
2013Prussian blue-coated magnetic nanoparticles for removal of cesium from contaminated environmentChakrit Thammawong, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Pramuan Tangboriboonrat, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2013Standard methods for characterizations of structure and hydrolytic degradation of aliphatic/aromatic copolyestersP. SriromreunA. PetchsukMantana Opaprakasit Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2012Development of crosslinkable poly(lactic acid-co-glycidyl methacrylate) copolymers and their curing behaviorsA. Petchsuk, Wilairat Submark, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2012Preparation and characterizations of naproxen-loaded magnetic nanoparticles coated with PLA-g-chitosan copolymerC. Thammawong, Paiboon Sreearunothai,  A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2012ASL fingerspelling gesture segmentation with and without resting gesturesN. Tanyawiwat, Surapa Thiemjarus,  Paiboon Sreearunothai, P. Kumazawa KayasithRead
2012Polylactic acid/ethylene glycol triblock copolymer as novel crosslinker for epoxidized natural rubberT.?H. Nguyen, P. Tangboriboonrat,  N. Rattanasom, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2012Immobilization of fluorescein isothiocyanate on magnetic polymeric nanoparticle using chitosan as spacerChariya Kaewsaneha, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Duangporn Polpanich,  Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2011Processability enhancement of poly(lactic acid-co-ethylene terephthalate) by blending with poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate), poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate), and poly(butylene succinate)Mantana Opaprakasit, Wannisa Kongtong,  A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2011Triplet Transport to and Trapping by Acceptor End Groups on Conjugated Polyfluorene ChainsPaiboon Sreearunothai, Alexis Estrada,  Sadayuki Asaoka, John R. MillerRead
2011Sudden, "Step" Electron Capture by Conjugated PolymersAndrew R Cook, Paiboon Sreearunothai, Sadayuki Asaoka,  John R MillerRead
2011Electron and Exciton Transport to Appended TrapsJohn R. MillerAndrew R CookKirk S Schanze Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2011Photocatalytic degradation of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) using transition metal-doped titanium dioxide immobilized on fiberglass clothLaksana LaokiatPongtanawat KhemthongNurak Grisdanurak,  Wantana Klysubun, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2011Negative Polaron and Triplet Exciton Diffusion in Organometallic "Molecular Wires"Kirk S Schanze, J. Miller, J. M. Keller,  K. D. Glusac, Paiboon SreearunothaiRead
2010Composite Particles of Disinfectant Nanocapsules-Skim Rubber LatexChariya Kaewsaneha, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Duangporn Polpanich,  Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2010Conjugated “Molecular Wire” for ExcitonsYuki Shibano, Hiroshi Imahori,  Paiboon Sreearunothai, John R. MillerRead
2010Nanocapsules embedded in natural rubber latex glovesSaovaree Tanpantree, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Surapich Loykulnant, Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2010Polymeric Disinfectant Nanocapsules: Effect of Molecular Weight of Poly(methyl acrylate)Saovaree Tanpantree, Pakorn Opaprakasit,  Duangporn Polpanich, Pramuan TangboriboonratRead
2010Synthesis and Characterizations of PLLA/PEG Block CopolymersThai Hien Nguyen, A. Petchsuk, Pramuan Tangboriboonrat, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2010Processability enhancement of poly(lactic acid-coethylene terephthalate) by blending with poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate), poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate), and poly(butylene succinate)M. Opaprakasit, W. Kongtong,  A. Petchsuk, Pakorn OpaprakasitRead
2009Toward Designed Singlet Fission: Electronic States and Photophysics of 1,3-DiphenylisobenzofuranAndrew F Schwerin, Justin C Johnson, Millicent B Smith,  Josef MichlRead
2009Length and Time-Dependent Rates in Diffusion-Controlled Reactions with Conjugated PolymersPaiboon Sreearunothai, Sadayuki Asaoka,  Andrew R Cook, John R MillerRead
2008Thermal Properties and Crystallization Behaviors of Polylactide and Its Enantiomeric BlendsPakorn Opaprakasit, Mantana OpaprakasitRead
2008Electronic structures of interfacial states formed at polymeric semiconductor heterojunctionsYa-shih Huang, Sebastian Westenhoff,  Igor Avilov, David BeljonneRead
2008Optoelectronic and Charge Transport Properties at Organic?Organic Semiconductor Interfaces: Comparison between Polyfluorene-Based Polymer Blend and CopolymerJi-Seon KimLinus LuPaiboon Sreearunothai[...] Richard H FriendRead



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